Why dating younger men is good for most women

You met him at a party and instantly developed a feeling for him. He is not only handsome but has a sense of humor that kills you. He is cute, funny and lovable. When you are dreaming of dating him, you come to know that he belongs to a different age group. Yes, the man you are dying for is younger than you. Should you give it a chance?

Should you date a younger man?

Yes, you should. Dating younger men come with plenty of advantages. Firstly, your experience would be considered valuable. With it, you can create a more fulfilling relationship. Your partner would also count on your experience to tide over rough patches.

His energy level would uplift you

Young guys are more adventurous. You can expect to go out more on hiking and other adventurous expeditions that you have never tried before. He would be more open-minded and that would be beneficial for you.

Young guys come with less baggage

Since he won’t have much experience in relationships, his baggage would be lighter too. This means he would be less prejudiced towards women.

He would be open to experiments

Young men, with their hunger for more, would go for experiments. Be it trying new cuisine to choosing off-beat locations for vacations, expect more thrill in your life.

Sex would be good

This is another advantage you cannot ignore. Men are more active sexually in their twenties while women tend to enjoy it more when they hit 30s or 40s. So, you can expect more sparks to fly in the bedroom. He would be open to new techniques and positions but also ready to try your fantasies. With more energy and sex drive, your partner would make lovemaking more intense and satisfying.

He would make you feel great

Women, who date younger men, tend to feel younger too. This is the effect of being with someone who is bubbling with energy. You would feel good when you are around him. He would make you feel positive and loved. Thankfully, his attitude would rub on you and make you more adventurous and optimistic. As a result, you would do more, achieve more and lead a happy life.

Don’t count the years when dating someone. If you are compatible, if the person cares for you and if you are happy with him, go for it. Age is just a number which often resides only in our head. If you can forget it, you would be happy again.


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