Where to Learn More about Coding

Kids who are into coding may hit a brick wall as they master the basics. They may feel that they have learned all there is to know about coding and want to learn more, but where can they find more resources to go deeper? If your child is one of these kids, share these online resources with her to encourage her to delve even further into coding.

Coding is always developing, so even adult coders need to keep up with the latest in coding technology and applications. Greg Pollack, the CEO and founder of Code School, told a team of students recently from appendTo that “Technology is always evolving, so developers should evolve too if they want to be the best at their craft. In many ways, learning is as much a part of the job as writing code.”

When your child has learned the basics of coding, he or she will want to learn more. There are literally dozens of programming languages to learn, and that can often be done online. Some of these online resources are free, but others require tuition for a course or access to a particular resource. Some of the resources below are videos, but others are other forms of self-guided learning.

  1. Khan Academy – The videos on coding on Khan Academy enable your child to “learn how to program drawings, animations, and games using JavaScript & ProcessingJS, or learn how to create webpages with HTML and CSS,” according to the Khan Academy website. The site also allows your child to share his ideas with others and to learn from them.
  2. Code.org – This organization is dedicated to teaching kids to code. Check out the site’s coding tutorials for children as young as 4. You, as an adult, can also take advantage of the resources to learn HTML, CSS, and Python, as well as several other coding concepts and languages.
  3. Team Treehouse – Check out this site, which provides training in creating apps and coding languages. Take advantage of the free trial before committing to for-a-fee tutorials.
  4. CodeSchool  – This site offers coding content for a monthly charge.
  5. MIT Open Courseware – MIT’s free courses cover a variety of topics, from Introduction to Programming in Java to Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.

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