MichaelBeck1241x300Michael Beck is the Founder and President of Michael Beck International.  He is passionate about helping companies and their leaders bring out the best in others, and utilizes executive coaching to improve their effectiveness, broaden their strategic thinking, and maintain their focus on execution. His perspective is that the essence of exceptional leadership is to elicit excellence. He feels that every executive and every leader has an obligation to inspire others, help them grow, and bring forth their best effort.  As leaders, we help others reach their full potential by achieving our own full potential. Based on his 35+ years of domestic and international experience, Michael has developed an approach to executive coaching and strategy development which allows him to identify core issues faster and develop effective solutions more quickly.  Whether working with leaders to enhance their effectiveness or working with them to develop great strategies, his distinct way of thinking allows him to see patterns where others simply see complexity. He has worked with a wide range of clients from diverse industries.

visit www.michaeljbeck.com

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