Hipster Weddings in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is well known for its hipster scene, so if you are planning a wedding in the city you’ll want to fit in with that scene. That means choosing just the right venue and ensuring that the details of your big day can be accommodated.

Many hipster weddings in Portland are held at The Woods, which was first used as a funeral parlor after being built during the 1920s. Though the venue now looks more like a private home, you will find that all the amenities you need and want on your wedding day are offered. Planning a wedding in this venue requires you to reserve the date well in advance, as local music shows are often held at The Woods.

For the true hipster in all of us, one of the more popular Portland wedding venues is none other than Voodoo Doughnut. There are even wedding packages you can choose from, depending on how many guests you intend to invite. You can have a wedding at Voodoo Doughnut with as many as 40 guests in attendance. Each wedding package comes with doughnuts hand chosen by the store’s employees. There are even wedding themed donuts available to couples and their guests only.

Few hipsters in Portland or anywhere else will choose a typical wedding cake for their big day. The good news is that you have other options that are just as good, including pies or pie pops, cookies or even ice cream. Renting an ice cream truck for your wedding reception fits in nicely with the style of any respectable hipster.

Many times, hipster weddings are held outdoors at a park, beach or in yours or a loved one’s backyard. Outdoor weddings call for a simple ceremony and a laid back wedding reception, which are often easier to plan than fancy non hipster weddings.

It is easy to book a hipster photographer, DJ and other vendors for a Portland wedding. With so many musicians in the area it is a great city in which to have a live band perform at your wedding reception. Many hipster weddings are held in Downtown Portland, which supports the hipster scene and gives you lots of choices when planning your wedding.

Consider also hiring a videographer to film your entire wedding day. Not only will it be a lasting reminder of the happiest day of your life, it will allow those who couldn’t make it to your wedding to still experience it. In keeping with the hipster theme, choose songs for the video’s soundtrack that express who and your partner are as individuals and as a couple.

No hipster wedding is complete without some vintage throw-back items from eras long passed. It’s not uncommon to see items such as sparklers designed for weddings or classic hot dog carts at a hipster wedding in honor of the late sixties and early seventies which are regarded so highly by many.

When considering invitations for your hipster Portland wedding; you’ll want to focus on an artistic design that sets your invitations apart from more traditional ones. Any artistic design that speaks to your and your partner is a good choice for your invitations.

There is nothing quite like the experience of a hipster wedding to give you unique memories for life. There are plenty of cool options out there, so just be yourself and let your inner hipster show.

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