Ceremony Ideas in Portland

Portland has long been considered a very progressive neighborhood that embraces environmental consciousness and clean living. Most of the “green movement” really took to the air in the northeast before spreading throughout the rest of the country, so there is no shortage of good people living in this landmark city. However, just because you’re eco-friendly doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get married and have a wedding, so coming up with a few great ideas can be pretty beneficial. Here are a few ceremony ideas for your wedding in Portland that balance enjoying the outdoors and your partner’s love while remaining as green as possible.


One of the most popular activities in the Portland area is kayaking, and more couples than you might imagine are interested in making this part of their wedding ceremony. There are hundreds of rivers, lakes, and streams in the Portland area, and this has grown a culture that loves to get out and paddle on a regular basis. Your ceremony could involve arriving by kayak or actually getting married while sitting in a kayak, there’s really no rules. My personal favorite was each person sitting in a single kayak and then transferring to a tandem kayak as a symbolic gesture; like a sand ceremony. If paddling is something that you’re passionate about, this might be the perfect ceremony idea for your wedding.

Mountain Hike

There are plenty of national and state parks in the Portland area, but one of the most popular spots is Mount Reiner. This mammoth mountain stands tall above the city in the distance and dwarfs most of the other surrounding mountains in the Cascade Range. This also means that there are some spectacular views that would be perfect for your ceremony, and they are just a few hours of hiking away. Imagine standing on a precipice with your closest friends. You say “I do”, kiss, and all of your guests being lighting wedding sparklers and celebrating. With the great views and fresh air, what better way could you celebrate your own marriage?

Married at Sea

The northeast is famous for its seafood in general, but Portland takes it to another level entirely. It’s actually in the name, “port land”; so you should expect that there will be opportunities to get out on the sea. For some couples the idea of going out on a small fishing or merchant vessel and getting married by a salty old captain is very appealing. There are other places on Earth other than Portland where you can put together this type of wedding ceremony, but there are few places where the option is so readily available and widely used.

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